Hanged Ghost's third and long-awaited album!

Hanged Ghost's third and long-awaited album is out! And what an album...
Hanged Ghost was born in the cursed year of 2010 to play Death Funeral Doom. In that year they released the first demo-tape entitled “Remembrance”. After one year “Remembrance pt.II” was also relased.
In the same year the first full length called “Knowledge of the Occult” saw the candlelight and with it two live shows took place.
It was time to return to the cavern in order to compose new hymns for mother death, a second album was being made and was released in 2013 with the name “Attraction of Oblivion”.
After ten years since the release of the 2nd album, it's time for a new full length to take place.
“Cold Grave Sensation” is the rightfull successor, it was recorded, completed and put on hiatus since 2018.
Finally on September 2023 the album will be released through Prophetical Productions. This is not the end, but the beginning of another cycle.
Occult Funeral Death Doom from the Pit.
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