From Ecuador... the debut album from Niphredil is outstanding!

Niphredil was born in the summer of 2014 with the intention of creating complex songs with intricate songwriting while avoiding sounding boring or pretentious, so that the listener can listen to long songs without even noticing. Lyrics, adorned with a fondness for classical literature, usually deal with the mystic and the unknown, either from a personal or universal perspective.
The band had a full line up at first, but lack of commitment from some musicians caused the project to enter a stand-by phase that lasted some years. Eventually, in 2018, Niphredil reunited for a gig, using only the two original guitar players and a drummer. After some time, another attempt was made to reunite a band line up with the purpose of producing the first full length. Again, disagreements with the new members caused the band to sleep for some time again. As for now, the only members that continue are the two founding guitar players, José Miguel (guitars, keyboards and vocals) and Lucas Serrano (guitars, bass). The will to perform live remains -and it is even considered a priority-, so a search for interested and like minded musicians is currently going.
The album consists of 6 songs based on foundations of black and doom metal, with embellishments of prog, ambient and goth. Clocking in at 57 minutes, songwriting and structure, paired with interesting riffs/chords and longing melodies were two pillars upon which the atmosphere could develop; raw emotion and inspiration always being the originating source of all these. The lyrics dealt with the topics mentioned above, but ancient spirituality and inner struggles also intervened.
This work definitely would not have been what it is if not for the participation of Canadian (and fantastic prog rock/metal musician) session drummer Danial Devost and Alex Guerrero on the bass duties, spreading his always excellent bass lines and tremolo picking.
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